We used 3D-models of the products to present the berry-flavored Hoegaarden Rosée, the new “Klinskoye” beer packaging and the renewed Lowenbrau Wheat 0.0.
AB InBev Efes social media marketing
Our goal was to highlight the new products in the Ab InBev Efes product line.
We used 3D-models of the products to present the berry-flavored Hoegaarden Rosée, the new "Klinskoye" beer packaging and the renewed Lowenbrau Wheat 0.0.
High-quality visual design helps to increase brand recognition, but how is it possible to implement it if the amount of photo resources is very limited? That’s why we had to start working on editing packshots onto photos.
Zythology as a marketing tool
We just could not ignore zythology, because it’s a full-fledged branch of science about food and beverages compatibility. The way food can reveal or highlight the taste of the specific type of beer is one of the topics zythology studies.
In our posts we frequently spoke about the culture of consuming certain types of beer in combination with different foods. But what was the actual reason for doing this? Our goal was to increase the audience’s familiarity with the AB InBev Efes product line and to natively stimulate its sales.
The caption of the post was organically complemented by visual content. We showed the promoted product together with food floating in the air. As a result, we had a whole new section with a unique and unified design.

We managed to strengthen the emotional bond between the brand and its audience considering all the aspects of “AB InBev Efes” corporate identity.
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