Mr White Bear – is a mascot of the same-titled beer trademark “The White Bear” from the AB InBev Efes company. With the help of the mascot we started reviving the brand and building communication between the company and its target audience.
The White Bear
To form an emotional attachment of the audience and to revive the brand.
We used the "Mr White Bear'' mascot to form an emotional attachment of the audience and the feeling of relatability to the events highlighted in the brand’s social media. By using visuals we promoted a healthy lifestyle in the environment of self-isolation to our audience, and also encouraged them to sort through recyclable materials and to start consuming consciously.
To increase the audience engagement on the brand’s official pages we used popular social media challenges. The main goal of such posts was to bridge the gap between the brand and its customer.

We used a news feed to highlight the pandemic events, that’s why Mr White Bear self-isolated himself and switched to online-communication.

That’s how we helped the audience feel an emotional connection with the brand.
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